Author: Poison Jack

  • Overscheduled! (Chemo #32)

    Overscheduled!  (Chemo #32)

    It has been far too long since I posted an update, but lately it feels like every single moment of every single one of my days is overscheduled. It has been giving me a lot of extra stress and I think I need a vacation… soon! But I only have a couple vacation days saved…

  • Zorched Again (Radiation #2)

    Zorched Again (Radiation #2)

    On Tuesday, September 5, I went to the basement of the Cancer Center where the radiation oncology department is located. After checking in and waiting about a half-hour, I was taken to the radiation treatment room. I had to take off my shirt, which exposed all the drawn marker lines and stickers that protect them.…

  • A Friend from Halfway Around the World (Chemotherapy #29)

    A Friend from Halfway Around the World (Chemotherapy #29)

    In this cycle I was pleasantly surprised by a lovely visit from my old friend.

  • The Forest and the Chemo that Wasn’t

    The Forest and the Chemo that Wasn’t

    I tolerated my birthday chemotherapy very well, hardly suffering any side effects except some intensely burning poops the following Friday and Saturday as the chemo comes through my system. The steroid dexamethasone I took with the chemo tends to keep me up all night and screw up my blood sugars, but this time I did…

  • Rest and Recharge (Chemotherapy #28)

    Rest and Recharge (Chemotherapy #28)

    Where I finally get a couple days of relaxation and go into chemotherapy #28 refreshed and happy.

  • Independence Day (Chemotherapy #27)

    Independence Day (Chemotherapy #27)

    I had a different sort of independence day today. It was a day of being independent from being needed or useful. I apologize to the friends and family who wanted to see or hear from me today, it just wasn’t going to be possible. The last few days have been incredibly stressful and I can’t…

  • Stayin’ Alive (Chemotherapy #26)

    Stayin’ Alive (Chemotherapy #26)

    Adopting a no-sugar low-carb diet to reduce the growth of cancer; a possible research study; and the 26th chemotherapy treatment

  • Scanxiety

    It has been two fantastic months since my last radiation treatment. Lately I’ve been feeling better than I have in seven or more years. So much has happened in these couple of months. The biggest thing was that I traveled 30 or more hours there and back again, to upstate New York for my Mom’s…

  • Four Radiation Treatments

    Radiation treatment is now complete, and now we will be in surveillance mode hoping that we have licked this cancer thing. This is the story of the radiation treatments and what comes next.

  • Chemotherapy #25

    Wherein we celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending a whole day in the cancer center. But there is good news and things are going in a good direction.

  • Chemotherapy #24

    My last chemotherapy round was the easiest ever, and for that reason I felt very grateful and rested, like I had been on vacation somewhere. I arrived at my lab appointment at 7:00 a.m. and my favorite port nurse T. accessed the port expertly. For the first time though, my port was being a bit…

  • Chemotherapy #23

    I am now able to play little tricks on my brain, like making it forget that I have chemotherapy tomorrow so that I don’t feel psychosomatically sick to my stomach when I think about it.  For this round, a bit of blissful ignorance helped me because I woke up Tuesday morning feeling pretty darned good. …

  • Chemotherapy #22, Christmas and a New Year

    I get an extra week between chemo rounds for Christmas, have a buggy New Year’s Eve and a late Christmas celebration with family.

  • Chemotherapy #21

    Finally some good news about my liver tumor shrinking! Also trying to finish off a COVID infection, take on another round of chemo, and get an extra week off before the next round.

  • Our Little Maggie Rose

    It was on this day, 25 years ago, that our infant daughter Margaret Rosemary died in our arms at home in the bed that we sleep in every night. I still wake up sometimes and feel her presence with us in that space. She will always be here in our house and in our hearts.…

  • Chemotherapy #20

    Another double-whammy round of chemo, leading to the most nausea I’ve had to date. And then I got COVID.

  • Thanksgiving

    A Thanksgiving road trip and some observations about the holiday

  • Chemotherapy #19

    Telling more about the aftereffects of #18, travel that broadens the mind, and the first week of #19.

  • Chemotherapy #18

    More rambling than usual, this is an attempt to describe the 18th round of chemotherapy.

  • Chemotherapy #17

    After three months of a break from chemotherapy and a major surgery, systemic chemo starts again.

  • Surgery 2, Day 18, Medical Marathon

    An update after a long exhausting day of appointments at the cancer center.

  • My Chemotherapy Playlist

    Over the course of 15 rounds of chemotherapy, I have added songs to a playlist that I listen to while in the waiting area, and when the chemotherapy is infusing, and even afterwards when I am feeling literally sick and tired, and trying to rest my mind and body.

  • Surgery 2, Day 16, Two Weeks Later

    Talking about where we stand after nine days of recovery at home.

  • Surgery 2, Day #7, Home at Last

    Nothing is finer than getting to return to your home and center, and finding there some peace and quiet.

  • Second Surgery Day #2

    Beset with breathing problems, we work hard to make my lungs work well again.

  • Second Surgery, Day #1!

    My day began at about 3:30am. I began drinking water and had about 32 oz in me when it was time to take a chrlorhexidine shower. Using a special sponge soaked in chlorhexidine you scrub down once the night before and once again about an hour prior to the surgery. They give you a clearfast…

  • My Cancerversary

    One year ago today I was diagnosed with two Stage III colon cancer tumors.

  • First Chemotherapy Day

    This is a detailed description of what my first chemotherapy infusions were like, and the side effects that ensued.

  • Surgery Day!

    Wherein I discuss the surgery to remove half my colon and two nasty cancerous tumors.

  • My Poopy Vacation Day

    I took a vacation day to clean out my colon. This is the graphically poopy tale of what came out of my tail. The faint of heart may want to skip this one.

  • Surgery Date Moved Up

    The surgery date is being moved up to September 29th.

  • Choosing a Colorectal Surgeon

    Interviewing two competing surgeons and deciding which one should remove half my colon.