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  • A Friend from Halfway Around the World (Chemotherapy #29)

    A Friend from Halfway Around the World (Chemotherapy #29)

    In this cycle I was pleasantly surprised by a lovely visit from my old friend.

  • The Forest and the Chemo that Wasn’t

    The Forest and the Chemo that Wasn’t

    I tolerated my birthday chemotherapy very well, hardly suffering any side effects except some intensely burning poops the following Friday and Saturday as the chemo comes through my system. The steroid dexamethasone I took with the chemo tends to keep me up all night and screw up my blood sugars, but this time I did…

  • Rest and Recharge (Chemotherapy #28)

    Rest and Recharge (Chemotherapy #28)

    Where I finally get a couple days of relaxation and go into chemotherapy #28 refreshed and happy.

  • Independence Day (Chemotherapy #27)

    Independence Day (Chemotherapy #27)

    I had a different sort of independence day today. It was a day of being independent from being needed or useful. I apologize to the friends and family who wanted to see or hear from me today, it just wasn’t going to be possible. The last few days have been incredibly stressful and I can’t…

  • Stayin’ Alive (Chemotherapy #26)

    Stayin’ Alive (Chemotherapy #26)

    Adopting a no-sugar low-carb diet to reduce the growth of cancer; a possible research study; and the 26th chemotherapy treatment

  • Chemotherapy #25

    Wherein we celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending a whole day in the cancer center. But there is good news and things are going in a good direction.

  • Chemotherapy #24

    My last chemotherapy round was the easiest ever, and for that reason I felt very grateful and rested, like I had been on vacation somewhere. I arrived at my lab appointment at 7:00 a.m. and my favorite port nurse T. accessed the port expertly. For the first time though, my port was being a bit…

  • Chemotherapy #20

    Another double-whammy round of chemo, leading to the most nausea I’ve had to date. And then I got COVID.