My Cancerversary

Today is my cancerversary. One year ago today I was diagnosed with two stage III colon cancer tumors, and on September 29, 2021 I had surgery to remove about half my colon. After surviving a painful abscess complication and a strange bout of GI distress that both put me in the hospital for days, I soon got to feeling better and having my body operate more normally. I endured 15 rounds of chemotherapy, with two different regimens (FOLFOX and then FOLFIRI). The whole time my CEA levels have been increasing, showing cancer growth somewhere. After a couple PET scans it was discovered that I have four metastases in my liver. Since July 17, 2022 I have been off the chemotherapy while waiting for liver resection surgery and I’m feeling great.

The current state of things is that on September 16th, 2022 I am scheduled for liver resection surgery to cut out three tumors and perform an ablation on a fourth. I will have a hepatic artery infusion pump installed to deliver more powerful chemotherapy specifically to my liver, to keep other tumors from forming or to reduce very small tumors if they haven’t yet appeared.

I am living a happy, blessed, and grateful life, and I hope that things go well with this new procedure. Love and prayers are always appreciated!

7 thoughts on “My Cancerversary

  1. Happy to know how you are doing up to now and that there is a plan for further treatment. Mom has been wondering about you as have I. I’ll be praying for you around ceremonial fires that I attend for sure. ❤️

    • I am so grateful for your prayers, and I will always remember you and your family in my own prayers. I admire your Mom and Dad so much, and learned so much about growing up and raising my own family from their amazing example. Everything I read and hear about you and your work for our people moves my spirit, and I admire all you do! Love to you all!

  2. My prayers are with you and your family. God and our ancestors watch over you ❤️
    I’ll look for posts as you being a new recovery journey.

    Love you !!

  3. Go outside and have a couple of cigarettes or tobacco (break down the cigarettes so you can hold the tobacco in your hand) you’re going to go to the creator (center of the circle of directions) and stand in all the Four directions, south, east, west and north and hold your hand up with the tobacco in it and recite what I’m sending to you. Everyone is welcome to do this prayer for [PoisonJack]

    Creator, I come to you with With a heavy mind, heart and spirit. I ask that you hear my prayers and support [PoisonJack] with all the spirit guides. Thank you creator for all of creation and for the cycle of life.

    To the east to grandfather and grandmother turtle, I ask to grant [PoisonJack], the doctors and nurses protection, wisdom, guidance and knowledge to make the best decisions for [PoisonJack]’s surgery.

    To the south grandfather and grandmother eagle, I pray for [PoisonJack] and his family, strength of love to one another, to have the words and emotions to help each other through this time of worry. To the doctors and the nurses, bless them with vision and clarity.

    To the west to grandfather and grandmother bear, we pray for the courage that [PoisonJack] and his family will need to get through this surgery and we also pray that the medicine that they provide to [PoisonJack] is good medicine that will work with his body to heal him and give him comfort.

    To the north to grandfather and grandmother White Buffalo, we ask for strength of spirituality, of hope, and peace. We ask that everyone that comes in contact with [PoisonJack] and his family treats his family with respect.

    Now we put the tobacco down for mother earth, we thank her for supporting us. She keeps the animal life, plant life and rivers clean for us. For this we are thankful.

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