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  • Chemotherapy #37 Crossing Off Another Option

    Chemotherapy #37 Crossing Off Another Option

    March 19, 2024 – Chemotherapy #37 Cancelled Yesterday I had another CT scan to assess the progress of the Lonsurf/Bevacizumab therapy regimen, and the news from the scan wasn’t great: there is one new 1cm tumor in my liver, about 50% growth in two other tumors, and no change in two others. There was a…

  • The Bucket List

    The Bucket List

    I can’t really express how shocked I was this weekend to log into Facebook and see our friend AW started a GoFundMe to finance my bucket list trip across the country on the Zephyr, and the campaign had already reached its goal by the time I noticed it. I was stunned at how many people…

  • The Forest and the Chemo that Wasn’t

    The Forest and the Chemo that Wasn’t

    I tolerated my birthday chemotherapy very well, hardly suffering any side effects except some intensely burning poops the following Friday and Saturday as the chemo comes through my system. The steroid dexamethasone I took with the chemo tends to keep me up all night and screw up my blood sugars, but this time I did…